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Anxiety and Stress


Hypnotherapy is ideally suited towards helping deal with anxiety and stress.  I will help you take control of your stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling much more relaxed and in control.


Stress, in small amounts, is relatively harmless, but larger amounts or exposure to continued stress triggers can cause serious harm to your body and mind.  External stresses can include major life events, social interactions or the physical environment.  Internal stresses can include negative views of yourself or by others, lifestyle choices or goals and expectations being set unrealistically high.


The effects of stress are different for each individual, possibly resulting in restlessness, apathy, loss of appetite, irritability or anxiety or problems sleeping to name but a few.


Imagine going through the day feeling calm, relaxed and full of energy. Feeling good about yourself and focusing on the good things in life.


Feeling able to deal with that presentation you have to do, feeling confident about that forthcoming examination or dealing with a situation such as taking a journey that your fears have previously prevented you from doing so.


Using therapy tailored to your individual needs, I can help you make the improvements to your life that you want, and deserve.

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