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Fears & Phobias


Hypnotherapy is a common therapy used to deal with fears and phobias and one of the main reasons a client will seek the help of a hypnotherapist.


Fear is a natural, basic emotion inbuilt as part of the survival mechanism of all human beings.  Fear encourages us to proceed with caution or to run away – ‘fight or flight’.


However, a phobia is the most extreme form of fear and often prevents an individual from actually carrying out a day to day function in case they are exposed to whatever their trigger may be (for example, spiders, needles or visiting the dentist!).  Quite often, an individual with a phobia will actually make changes to their lifestyle in order to reduce the possibility of exposure.


Using a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, I can help you to let go of these fears and phobias that have previously held you back.  You may well remember that you used to be frightened of something, but will no longer be frightened because the emotional attachment will have been removed.


Most fears and phobias can usually be dealt with over a course of two to three sessions, although some may take a little longer.  I look forward to helping you leave those unwanted emotions behind, allowing you to enjoy your life without worrying about what may happen in the future

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