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Hypno Gastric Band


How many of us have worked at a diet, only to find the weight gradually creep back on?

As a licensed Hypno Gastric Band practitioner, I can help create a state of mind, where you will feel as though you have had the band fitted, but without the surgery or expensive surgical costs.


The Hypno Gastric Band is a harmless, safe and effective procedure, carried out over four sessions.  During the course of the treatment, we will look at your current eating habits and address any issues identified.  I will help you remove the unwanted triggers that cause you to binge eat or eat the wrong foods.

Once you have identified, and practiced the benefits of healthy eating, you will be safely prepared for your ‘operation’, after which you will eat less, and less often, but will feel full more quickly.  You will find that you will eat smaller food portions, chewing slowly, really enjoying what you eat and stopping when you are full.


The Hypno Gastric Band is a very effective weight loss treatment.  However, it requires the commitment of you, the client.  It is a lifestyle change, and should not be undertaken if you are unsure about committing to that change.


If you feel that this particular weight management treatment is not for you, there are others that may well be suitable.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs